Joining the Club

There are two ways to join our club, as a competing member and as a training member in our Bronze Squad.

Competing Members:

Competing members may compete with our club, even if they are not yet training with our Bronze Squad. Any Kingswim Swimmer from K10 or above may compete with our club in the Swimming ACT Development Meets. These competition run regularly throughout the year in the ACT are are open to members of any swim club in Canberra. The calendar for competitions is available at and competition flyers will be displayed at Kingswim Canberra pools prior to the events.

K10 swimmers are eligible to compete in the following events: 25m of all 4 Strokes and 50m of Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke.
K11 Swimmers are eligible to compete in the following events: 25m and 50m of all 4 Strokes as well as 100m Freestyle and Backstroke.
K12 swimmers (Platypus and Bronze Squads) are eligible to compete in all events.

Competing members may trial two (2) Swimming ACT Development Meets with our club as unregistered swimmers. After these two (2) competitions competing members must register with our club to continue competing. Swimmers may register with our club on our Homepage.


Training Members:

To join as training members swimmers will train in our Bronze Squad. Training members may also be competing members, however they do not need to compete to train in our Bronze Squad. To join as a training member in our Bronze Squad Kingswim swimmers must meet the below criteria. Swimmers from outside of Kingswim are welcome to join as training swimmers in our Bronze Squad if they meet the same criteria. If you are a swimmer from outside of Kingswim and wish to enquire to train with our club please contact



The following criteria will be used to determine whether a Kingswim Platypus Squad (KPS) Swimmer is at the standard necessary to be promoted into the Bronze Squad:

The Kings Swimming Club Coaches are constantly on the lookout for KPS swimmers who are ready to transition over to the Bronze Squad. The Kings Swimming Club Coaches are looking for KPS swimmers who display the following qualities:

In addition to these qualities the Kings Swimming Club Coaches are also considering the following entry times. These times are to be achieved or bettered by a KPS swimmer in a 50m Freestyle and at least two (2) 50m Form Stokes:









 Second Year KPS Swimmers:

At the completion of a KPS swimmer’s second year of swimming twice a week they are automatically eligible to begin transitioning into the Kings Swimming Club Bronze Level Squad regardless of the above criteria.

 Approval by Kings Swimming Club Coaches:

The above criteria are to be used as a guideline by the Kings Swimming Club Coaches, however ultimately the Kings Swimming Club Coaches are responsible for inviting swimmers to begin their transition into the Bronze Squad and approving their completion of the transition period.

 Transitioning Into the Bronze Squad:

Once a swimmer begins transitioning into the Bronze Squad they will trial a four (4) week program. During this time they will continue swimming in their two (2) regular KPS sessions and they will introduce a third Bronze Squad session. This additional Bronze Squad session will be at no extra cost. At the successful completion of these four (4) weeks the KPS swimmer will move fully over to the Bronze Squad.